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A Few Things We Ought To Trust: Waze, 6-Irons & Our Investment Portfolios

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  What was the last situation where you made an emotional decision only to regret it almost immediately?  Did you trust your gut on a “shortcut” and get stuck in traffic instead of just listening to Waze?  Did you hit your driver and try to carry the hazard instead of laying-up with a 6-iron?  Did you really go into Target convinced you’d spend less than $100 this time?  Well, we’re human beings and that’s what… Read more »

A Closer Look At This Market Sell Off

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  The S&P 500 reached a closing high of 2930.75 on September 20, 2018. Since then, significant market volatility emerged, and the S&P 500 has fallen almost 10% in just over a month. As with many abrupt market drops, investors and pundits fear this is the start of a bear market. However, we believe current… Read more »

Reaching Too Far For Yield?

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Investors are starved for yield, we want them to be careful… In the current low interest rate environment, many investors are struggling to achieve their income targets and will often reach for yield to make up for any shortfalls. In a fixed income portfolio, this reach for yield can be accomplished in two distinct ways:… Read more »