Investment Management

Once we’ve come together to reach a thorough understanding of your financial circumstances, MacroView works with you to create, implement and monitor a thoughtful investment portfolio that best compliments you and your family’s lifestyle, needs (both current and future) and goals.

Advisor/Client Relationship

As it relates to investment management, MacroView believes that the advisor-client relationship becomes truly impactful when each party commits to a disciplined, long-term oriented and diversified approach that ranks risk management ahead of potential return at every step of the way. We seek to avoid relationships that may be too short-term focused, too emotional or prone to “chasing” returns.

We believe that managing the risk in your investment portfolio is paramount to potential long-term returns and the holdings within your portfolio should properly reflect the goals of your financial plan.

Your Investing Comfort Zone

MacroView is committed to keeping you centered within your investing comfort zone at all times.

The allocation of your investment portfolio at any given time should be based on your unique risk and return requirements, long-term risk/reward projections for each asset class, and a firm understanding of the surrounding macroeconomic climate.

While we help many of our clients’ build broadly diversified investment allocations, we set ourselves apart from other advisors through our fixed income market expertise.