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MacroView’s October 2018 Bond Market Summary

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US Treasuries – Treasury yields rose across the curve in October, continuing their rise to the highest level year to date. There was, however, a slight interruption in the middle of the month to this upward trend as volatility proved that Treasuries are still the beneficiary of a flight to quality during equity market stress…. Read more »

Flattening Yield Curve – A Sign of Things to Come?

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  Lately, the topic at the forefront of headlines and discussions in the investment industry is the flattening US treasury yield curve. This phenomenon occurred as short-term interest rates, largely influenced by the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy tightening, have risen significantly. On the flipside, long-term interest rates, which are largely influenced by growth and inflation… Read more »

Exactly Which Interest Rates Are Rising?

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By now, we are sure you have heard someone in the financial industry declare that, “interest rates are rising.” We believe the proper response to that statement should be: What interest rates are rising? In the fixed income world, the two most common reference points for interest rates are (1) the federal funds rate, and… Read more »