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Fixed Income Market Summary November 2019

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Performance Snapshot: TICKER SECTOR Nov-19 YTD 2019 LQD CORPORATES 0.47% 16.75% HYG HIGH YIELD 0.57% 11.95% IEF TREASURIES -0.69% 9.04% AGG BARCLAYS AGG -0.03% 8.51% MUB MUNICIPALS 0.06% 6.77%     Sector Summary: US Treasuries: Throughout most of November, investors embraced the risk-on environment created in part by positive headlines regarding trade negotiations. US Treasury… Read more »

Fixed Income Market Summary October 2019

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Performance Snapshot: While equities have been strong through October, so too have bonds.  In fact, all domestic, investment-grade, fixed income sectors have outperformed the S&P 500 since 10/1/2018.   Sector Summary: US Treasuries: While US stocks extended their rebound and reached new all-time highs in October, Treasuries continued their strong 2019 and generated positive returns during… Read more »

Adding Value With Active Bond Management

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Active bond management does not mean “day-trading.”  Nor does it mean buying and holding to maturity.  Active bond management means being constantly apprised of where the markets are and seeking to take advantage of opportunities to add value.  It is vigilance.   We seek to add value in both the purchase and the sale of… Read more »