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A Few Things We Ought To Trust: Waze, 6-Irons & Our Investment Portfolios

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  What was the last situation where you made an emotional decision only to regret it almost immediately?  Did you trust your gut on a “shortcut” and get stuck in traffic instead of just listening to Waze?  Did you hit your driver and try to carry the hazard instead of laying-up with a 6-iron?  Did you really go into Target convinced you’d spend less than $100 this time?  Well, we’re human beings and that’s what… Read more »

Dividend Paying Stocks Have Appeal But Don’t View Them As Bonds

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  Conservative investors have historically invested in dividend-paying stocks to generate income and increase stability in their portfolios. The ability of these companies to pay a dividend is viewed as a sign of current financial strength and a forward-looking sign of positive expectations for growth and earnings, a perfectly reasonable assumption. However, many investors make… Read more »