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Welcome to MacroView Investment Management

MacroView Investment Management is an independent investment advisory firm geared to individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations.  We offer our clients investment insight and expertise to help them achieve their financial goals.

The allocation of one's portfolio should be based upon the combination of individual risk and return requirements, current risk/reward valuations for each asset class, and a solid understand of the macroeconomic climate.  We believe that managing the risk in your investment portfolio is paramount to potential returns.  While we help manage portfolios across all asset classes, we set ourselves apart from other investment advisors through our use of individual bonds in your portfolio.  

Bonds in general are often an overlooked and misunderstood asset class that play an important role in protecting wealth.  With the potential of rising interest rates in the future, it is important to have a manager who understands bonds and can actively manage your bond portfolio.        

The MacroView Relationship

Helping you reach your financial goals begins with listening to you.  Our goal at MacroView Investment Management is to cultivate long-term relationships based on trust, integrity and open lines of communication.  

MacroView does more than just keep you up to date on the specifics of your account.  We want to make sure you truly understand our economic and market views.  We strongly believe that educating our clients and keeping them informed leads to a more successful investment relationship.  Through our interactive shared computer screen sessions, MacroView keeps you appraised of your portfolio, market conditions, and our investment outlook.  Clients receive quarterly reports that provide performance statistics and portfolio holdings.

MacroView's client accounts are largely held at Charles Schwab which ensures you have real-time access to your holdings.  In addition, Schwab provides directly to you monthly statements, trade confirmations and tax reporting documents.  MacroView does not have the ability to withdraw clients funds (expect for our investment management fees and only prior with your prior approval).

MacroView Investment Management is committed to you, our clients.  We understand that if you are not 100 percent comfortable with the safety of your wealth, then we're not doing our job.