Benjamin Corson, CRPC®

Partner & Director

Ben takes a macroeconomic view of the markets in structuring portfolios, looking specifically at price interactions and valuation patterns across all equity market sectors, interest rates and global data trends. He uses statistical analysis to look critically at portfolio risk and analyze volatility in order to develop a balanced, diversified approach to investing.

Ben is the Investment Committee Chair and is responsible for the leadership and effective performance of the committee. In addition, as part of this position, he oversees the development, maintenance and implementation of the firm's investment strategy, including co-management of MacroView's customized fixed income strategies. Ben also heads up MacroView's investment research effort, creating market summaries, strategy updates and investment commentaries for mass distribution to clients and the company blog.

Ben also serves on the client relations side of MacroView. He works with clients in the onboarding process to ensure strong communication within the client-advisor relationship.

Ben graduated from American University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, with a specialization in Finance and a minor in Mathematics. Ben is licensed as an Investment Advisor Representative and is a candidate for CFA Level III.